Vinyl Floor Polish Strip and seal.  Adelaide South Australia

Vinyl Floor Polish  Adelaide

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Magnetic Cleaning


      That`s where we come in Magnetic Cleaning provides professional Cleaning Service`s in Adelaide and throughout the state. Call us and we will make it shine again.



So How do we Do it?


       You`r flooring needs a good stripping (the preparation) it then needs to be neutralised and dried thoroughly. Once prepared  the  `sealer` is applied with a `mop` It takes at least  3 or more coats to build up a perfect shine. We use only the best equipment and the best chemicals. attention to detail sets us apart from the rest. We take care and great pride in our work so try us call now



Cleaning Floors


There are many ways to clean and to maintain a  floor. Some of which are,Polishing,  resealing, top-up and you can buff and burnish the polish once it is dry. Whether you know the chemistry and theory behind cleaning flooring or you just know your floors don`t shine, you need to act.



      Magnetic Cleaning are proud of our work and professional standards and we are eager to bring that to your home or business.

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